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Internet Advertising And Marketing Tips For Marketers. How to marketing on the Internet and How to get traffic to your websites and blogs. Newsletter - Weekly Ezine

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32,000+ Subscribers (unopened subscribers are taken off every 3 months)

Dear Internet Entrepreneur, 

In my opinion (and I've been advertising my businesses on the Internet since 1999), advertising on Ezines has to be one of the best and most cost-effective mediums to reach your target audience. What better way to introduce your products and offers than reaching subscribers who are actual readers of an online Ezine subscription?

Why Ezine advertising produces more results than many other types of advertising? 


  • Trust Factor: Most subscribers trust publisher's contents and will respond to sponsor's advertising easier.

  • More Deliverability: Because most Ezines are delivered by email and published online, more people will get the chance to see your advertising than traditional email marketing. 

  • More Readership: Most subscribers read the contents of the Ezine that they are subscribed to because of the educational value in it. 

  • Extremely Targeted Audience: Most Ezines cover a specific topic and readers are interested in that topic. If you sell a business opportunity, wouldn't you sell more if you reached people who want to learn how to make money? No doubt! 

  • Cost-effective And Profitable: Ezine ads are extremely cost-effective and proven to generate more response than most other traditional advertising.

Why WeeklyTips Newsletter Advertising?

Besides all of the above benefits, our advertisers get a lot more value and exposure than any other Ezine advertising.

1. Over 32,000 Subscribers. Your advertisement will be read by Internet Marketers, advertisers, and business opportunity seekers, and health and wealth seekers. Current readership is over 32,000+ subscribers.

2. Your Advertisement Will Appear On Multiple Issues. Our Ezine is published once a week, on every Tuesday. All sponsor ads are put in for a minimum of three Issues at a time for complete saturation.

3. Your Ad Stands Out From The Rest Of The Contents. Ads on our Ezine stands out from the rest of the contents. The ad is boxed and highlighted to stand out from the rest of the contents. See a sample newsletter: click here 

4. Your Ads Keep Generating Leads And Sales For You For A Long Time To Come. Every issue of our publication is available on the web and also sent out by email. Since they are archived on the web and optimized for maximum Search Engine exposure, your ads will keep working for you for a long time to come.

What Demographics Will I Reach?

The topics that we cover on our publications determine the interests of our subscribers. Subscriber's Topic Of Interests:


  • Internet Business & Marketing

  • Technology

  • Motivational and Inspirational

  • Health & fitness

Age group: 18 and over; Profession: Internet entrepreneurs, Start-up businesses, Affiliate marketers, individuals interested in e-commerce.

Types Of Advertising Spots

Exclusive Solo Advertising: This exclusive direct mailing enables your solo ad to be in front of over 32,000+ subscribers for up to 3 times. NO other ad but your solo will be mailed to our subscribers. (Can Include HTML). See Sample Solo Ad: click here

Top Sponsorship Advertising: Top sponsor Ads will appear at the bottom frame of every page. This is a highly visible spot and only carry 3 spots per issue. See Sample Sponsorship Ad: click here

Advertising Prices

Stand Alone Advertising

# Of Mailings


Pay Here

2 Mailings


1 Mailings


Note: We accept 2 mailings per week.

Ad Guidelines And Specifications

Mailing Frequency: 2 Mailings per week

Ad Specification: Up to 5000 characters, full page format. HTML and images ok.

Recommended Products / Services: Internet marketing products and services, Technology products, Legitimate Business Opportunities, Newsletter subscription, Inspirational products and services, Health and Fitness related products, Advertising and media related services, Financial products and services.

Not Allowed: Get-rich-quick Schemes, Adult sites, Pyramid programs... (We may choose not to accept any advertisers that do not fit the target interest of our subscribers)


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